Full charter 3300 Tons DWT

FLYTRANS with the dedicated team IPC arranged during last weeks a full charter 3300 Tons DWT 110m x 12m from Altantic French port to United Kingdom on door to door basis for some abnormal cargo.

Challenges of the move is precisely the abnormal cargo we have to transport under social tensions into the port / Strikes. Long preparation with customer or partners to issue dedicated process statement on each step.

  • 8 pieces 300 tons / 1000 cbm, the biggest
  • 1 piece 11 meters long x 9 meters large x 4,10 meters high and 50 Tons
  • 1 box 17,70 meters long x 5,95 meters large and 39 Tons
  • 1 box 6,20 meters long x 5,80 meters large x 3,30 meters High for 46 Tons

We are proud to have successfully managed this major project thanks to our employees involved and trained for these challenges, thanks to reliable and quality partners without whom we would not be able to meet the challenges, thanks also to a long preparation work with our client.

More than ever Flytrans knows how to respond to logistical challenges thanks in particular to the Industrial project Cargo division named IPC.

IPC@Flytrans is doing Project for you !