Do you have a project, a charter need? Flytrans is at your disposal to study any transport request

Flytrans Charter

Complete solutions without intermediaries for the management of passengers, goods and humanitarian equipment.

Operational and responsive

Flytrans has DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations) accreditation.


The operations department can detect the location and availability of thousands of aircraft worldwide and has access to abundant information about airports, current oil prices, the most recent legal provisions and routes.


A flight manager is dedicated to each charter. He or she keeps you informed and anticipates each stage of transportation. Thanks to his or her knowledge of the sector, you can monitor the following activities in real time: receipt of airport permits, overflying rights, take-off and landing times.

For your “immediate and urgent” charter needs

FLYTRANS Charter will give you an immediate response and offer you the transport solution that you have been looking for… up to 550 seats in record time.

Specialist in the air transportation of humanitarian aid, Flytrans Charter has acquired great expertise in organising charters for transporting humanitarian aid to the most remote trouble-stricken regions. The company is accredited – including by the French Air Force – and specialises in urgent handling of passengers and goods.

Transportation of heavy, oversized and dangerous cargoes. Very often, it is impossible to divide freight or transport oversized loads over long distances by road or sea. Air chartering thus becomes an essential solution: it is indisputably the fastest and very often the most economical response.

Our references include

Chartering Haiti

Chartering of two passenger aircraft in 24 hours for the French Sécurité Civile (Civil Protection force) and fire brigade following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010.


Airlift in March 2011 between Tunisia and Egypt for the Egyptian population in the context of the Libyan conflicts. 4,500 people evacuated in 5 days; chartering of over 40 flights and 15 aircraft.

Chartering Tokyo

Chartering of three aircraft to transport troops, doctors and journalists to Tokyo Haneda in March 2011.


Flytrans has also participated in the repatriation of French nationals by providing flights back to France.
Flytrans Charter
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